The glow of Sun International

Quality, entertainment and leisure. These are the words that come to mind when thinking about the Sun International powerhouse. The Company’s portfolio include “world class five star hotels, modern and well located casinos, and some of the world’s premier resorts” (Sun International, 2016). Their unique value proposition focuses on experiential luxury, enduring quality and incredible… Continue reading The glow of Sun International

Buffelsfontein Baard-olie: Jou rowwe bliksem!

With the increased use of technology and the intensity of competition due to saturated markets, it has become vital for brands to utilise integrated marketing communications. IMC is a powerful tool to ensure that all the communications throughout the marketing mix are integrated and consistent (University of Cape Town, 2016). In order for a brand… Continue reading Buffelsfontein Baard-olie: Jou rowwe bliksem!

Yuppiechef: your long-distance sous chef

Yuppiechef is an online food community who offers ingredients, utensils and inspiration to prepare home cooked meals (Yuppiechef, 2016). The brand’s mission focuses on bringing “people together through the cooking and sharing of good food” (Yuppiechef, 2016). The brand promises to create value for their customers, not only through convenient shopping and quality products, but… Continue reading Yuppiechef: your long-distance sous chef

Red Bull: not for the faint-hearted

Red Bull is a renowned energy drink that was the first of its kind. Over the years, with their aim to “Spread our wings over the world”, they have become a lot more than just a drink (Adames17, 2011). Today they fill TV screens and stadiums with their sponsored extreme events. Through these associations, the… Continue reading Red Bull: not for the faint-hearted